Saturday, May 12, 2018

Let My Thanks Be Known

I'm losing my identity, yet I've never felt more myself.

In sync with the ebb and flow of life, I found myself becoming a bit of a hermit this past winter. With hardly any social interactions (online and off), I dove deep into myself, and not just myself in the sense of me, Rozelyn, but myself as in my soul, my essence, my light and my history. Who am I, really? I guess that's what we are all here to ponder, digest, and explore.

Let this be my way of solidifying this feeling eternally. When I die, I hope those who love me find comfort in these long lost words. I have lived a life of infinite beauty. A life that, like all lives, will echo eternally. When I take a moment to really ponder life and death, I am filled with inexplicable awe and an undeniable responsibility to amend my past. Dear reader, one of the most precious aspects of being alive is our ability to clear past karmas. We must admit our mistakes and see where we went wrong. We must forgive others for mistakes and wrongdoings. We need to release ourselves from guilt, shame, or regret. And we must do the same for others. Forgiveness is a powerful act. Any kind deed goes a long way to lift our spirits. We all have karmic debt and wounds that must be healed. And that's okay. What matters is that we actively try our best to be good to ourselves and others. To love, to forgive, to accept, to relax, to breathe, and to heal.

We all know there are too many distractions in the world at large in these modern times. I try not to dwell or mention negatives because I feel that pointing something out we don't like makes it become a self-fulfilling prophecy. There is something I would like to mention though. Karma is like digging a hole, and you can't move on until you get out of it. Each act of kindness and unconditional love is like pouring and packing dirt back into the hole so we can eventually rise up and move on. However, in that analogy of "digging" our own karmic holes, modern society is what handed us a shovel the day we were born.

We are in a world of duality, of yin and yang, of good and evil. It's up to us which path we take, which wolf we feed. A few days ago I had a gun pointed at me by a stranger. I am safe-- it was only an empty threat, yet it still triggered something in my psyche. While it has made me feel extra grateful for my life and this opportunity to grow, I feel very sad that some people have become so lost in this tug-of-war of good and evil. Everyone deserves love, respect, compassion, sympathy.. forgiveness... Even the man who pointed a gun at me is not my enemy. He is simply a mirror of my own karmic debts. That event was orchestrated to teach me something, and I'm sure I will still look back and learn from it as long as I live.

Everyone is here to express their soul just as the sun pours out its warmth and light. Everything not in alignment with the loving Sun/Sol/Heart Chakra energy is of Saturnian influence. Saturn is cold. Saturn is restriction, delays, karma.. Saturn is a strict teacher, also known as Father time.. he brings death, he brings lessons, he brings harshness and everything we consider "bad". Saturn is another word for Satan, to put it bluntly. He feeds off our anger, our resentment, our impatience.. The Seven Deadly Sins are on his table.. But there is one essence he cannot touch, and that is the vibration of Pure LOVE.

It may sound crazy. I may sound like a hippie or whatever, but I don't care. I hug trees. Yeah, that's right. I hug trees and I love it. There's no shame in my game. Not anymore at least.

My whole life has been changed this past week. I finally connected all the dots. Countless religions, ancient teachings, astrotheology, etc.. all the dots have come together in a perfectly divine design. The day after my big epiphany is the day I had a gun pointed at me. I look at that event and I ask myself, "what is the worse that could have happened? He sends me home?? Is that really so bad?" Not really! I am starting to have no fear (Saturn feeds off of that too). Life is SO precious and SO beautiful.

I can never be homeless.. The Earth is my home.
I can never be alone... we are all in this together.
I can never be poor.. because nature is so rich.
The "kingdom of heaven" is where my heart resides,
and that gives me an overwhelming sense of relief.

I literally lack nothing in my life. In fact, I am eternally grateful to even be here right now. To be able to type this. To have you, dear reader, feeling as I feel through my words. I love LOVE. I love YOU. You don't just deserve the greatest things in life.. you ARE the greatest thing in life. Live with no fear, doubt, uncertainty. Love is nourished with unwavering faith. Hakuna matata is the phrase I believe I'm looking for ^_~ . Life isn't as hard as we make it out to be. It's easy, it's effortless, it's natural. See this divinity within yourself and have it reflected by others. We are literally in the Matrix. Let's live it up and raise the roof on this place :)

Let My Thanks Be Known
before I go to sleep
for I'm grateful for this life
and the gift its been to me.


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