Sunday, January 18, 2015

Crazy Wisdom

There's nothing like finding killer deals at a metaphysical shop/tea room!

I recently took a trip to a super fly Bookstore and Tea Room in Ann Arbor, Michigan. When I saw it's address had 1's and 4's in it, which are numbers that love to follow me around, I knew that this place was going to be the bomb! Finding parking was a bit of a problem, but wow, Ann Arbor's downtown area looks really nice during this time of the year, so it wasn't so bad driving around. Eventually I found parking and embarked on the adventure in search of Crazy Wisdom!

Just kidding, it was super easy to find thanks to my GPS. Can I just take a moment here to mention how grateful I am that I don't have to rely on maps and directions anymore? *insert slow clap and tearful head shaking here*


Anyway. When I first entered the place, I was taken back! Two whole floors full of amazingness- right in the heart of Main Street! I mean, just look at all these crystals and books and other New Age knick knacks!

Needless to say, I could spend hours in this place. More like palace. Of hope and wonder.

Anyway, after a while, I did manage to make it out alive (can't say the same for my wallet, unfortunately) with a bag full of goodies in my hand. So here's a mini-haul of what I snatched up :)

Aryuvedic Incense Cones! When I saw these I was so intrigued! I've been really getting into incense lately. I know, I know, I feel like I'm late to a party that started in the 90's in an underground grunge-rock venue in Seattle full of people who reek of Patchouli sitting on faux leather love seats branded with cigarette burns and sprinkled with incense ash. Oh yea, and they're dropping acid, of course, because, well, this is a just a tangent I'm going off on, so why not just top it off with some good ole fashioned LSD? I digress.

The incense even came stashed with this little ceramic incense cone holder thing! How cute! These incense are great for balancing out the doshas. If you aren't familiar with your dosha constitution, you can take a simple quiz here to find out what your ratio is! Personally, I'm mainly Kapha and Pitta, with just an itty bitty bit of Vata! Which explains why I'm so curvy and why I thrive in tropical climates :)

Check out the quiz here:

I also picked up this cool matchbox to go with my new incense. Does anyone else share the same love for how matches smell, or is it just me? 

I was pretty excited when I saw this. I've been loving Dragon's Blood incense, so naturally, I was stoked when I smelled this oil. It's a very warming and sexy scent, if I do say so myself, especially for winter time. Definitely worth it!

Of course I couldn't leave without getting a few things for my rock collection. Three cute tumbled jasper rocks and a shiny piece of pyrite called out to me this time around. I love how I'm always drawn to different stones depending on how I'm feeling in the moment! :)

I totally saved the best for last. I've been on the hunt for a piece of moldavite that I can call my own for quite some time now. I've been checking out the supply of every metaphysical/occult shop I've gone to for a few months now. They had a beautiful moldavite ring that I intend on buying, but when I saw this pendant was only $27.00, I knew it had to be mine! The first time I held it in my palm, I felt these strange pulsations run up my hand to my wrist. I got chills, it's electrifying!! Hahaha. Needless to say, I'm in love!

I hope you enjoyed my FIRST EVER BLOG POST! Woohoo! I've got a grand vision for the future of this blog. Stay tuned for more posts! I'm aiming for every Wednesday!


Anonymous said...

Awesome post!! yay!! ^_^ \m/

High Vibe Beauty said...

Thank you :D <3 <3 <3

Unknown said...

Great introduction...Looking forward to reading future posts!!

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