Monday, March 2, 2015

Full Moon in Magha Tarot Reading (life path, love life, & career)

Hey guys! High Vibe Wednesday is coming a little early thanks to the upcoming full moon :)

I decided to draw three cards for this full moon and the couple weeks that follow it: one for life path, one for love life, and one for career.

Before I get into the card reading, I wanted to mention that since this full moon will be in Magha aka Leo, it's a perfect time to cut your hair if you want a full, luscious mane! If you've never heard of Lunar Hair Cutting, check out my video below where I give you the inside scoop:

PS: this video is a couple years old, so please excuse the low quality!

Anyway! On to the card reading!

♦LIFE Path

I pulled the Ace of Rods for the life path card, and I find it very fitting! The rod is wrapped with a beautiful flower, symbolizing divine manifestation. This is a very inspiring time for us. Winter can be a drag, and I often find the cold season to be a time of solitude and reflection. In the same way that bears hibernate, we tend to retreat within ourselves to restore our energetic balance. This is a time for brainstorming and dreaming. Winters are best spent collecting energy and resting, while also figuring out what you want to do when the weather gets warmer. If you have a garden, you are probably familiar with the natural cycle of plants.. Spring is the time things start to sprout and manifest into reality. With Spring around the corner, now is the time to plant your seeds. You may feel excited for your future, and rightfully so! These next couple of weeks are full of divine inspiration. Be sure to allow yourself some time to artistically express yourself.. Paint, dance, stretch, draw, sing, etc! Now is the time to let your creativity flow :)
♦Love Life

Ah, the Hanged Man. Not the most ideal card when regarding love, but it is not completely without a positive message. This is a time to think before you act. If a conflict arises between you and your loved one, resist the urge to act out of impulse. Take a step back to evaluate all aspects and sides of the issue. You could be presented with a difficult decision. There is no right or wrong way. It is a time of mediation. Channel your higher self to aid you in this time. Soon all things will fall into place. Perhaps some solitude will be beneficial for all parties involved. Set aside some time to center yourself by doing things you love. This will help you see your situation from a different perspective. The Hanged Man is upside down- he is seeing the world in a new way. Similarly, it is time to work on the way you perceive your love life. 

The Two of Rods! What a promising card to pull for career! The man is overlooking the horizon with the world in his hands. He seems to be contemplating whether or not to set out on a new journey. The sunset represents the Solar Plexus, the center of manifestation! With one wand at his back and one wand in front of him, he has two ways he could go: he could stay in the confines of the walls around him, where he has a comfortable life, or he could venture out in pursuit of his dreams. This is a card of opportunity. Perhaps one will present itself to you soon! You are inspired, hopeful, dreamy.. You wish to expand your horizons within your career. Are you pursuing a new way of earning income? Do you want to shake things up a little bit? However comfortable the man in this card is, he still longs to grow and learn. This is a time of contemplation. How can you feel more fulfilled in your career path? Maybe it's time to take that next step!

Beneficial crystals to work with during this time are citrine and agate. Citrine can help manifest abundance, while agate will help you analyze your situations from a stable and balanced perspective. These crystals help ensure you make the most beneficial decision during this time!

Happy full moon everyone! I hope you enjoyed this reading and find it helpful/relevant to your path! Blessings! xo

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