Friday, June 9, 2017

Into the Wild (My Full Moon Ramblings)

A poetic and photographic journal of my recent trip to Northern Michigan.

light sparkling like glitter 
with no end to the horizon
suddenly the picture seems bigger
and I have more room to rise in

drink in the air 
sing to the breeze
king of the world
sink in your teeth

Steadily I climb
tethered to my past
but encompassed in my future

lady of the woods,
I live on if's and could's
a dreamer's reality
can be more than it seems to be
embedded with symbolism
shrouded in mystery
fractals of mysticism
mixed in with alchemy
equipped with animal magnetism
we are what we chose to be.

dusted off memories
waiting to be rediscovered
forgotten for too long
only now being breathed back to life,
polished by time,
and oiled with frankincense

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