Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Astrologers Predicted the Coronavirus & What Comes Next

What do the Coronavirus, the 9/11 Attacks, and the Kennedy Assassination all have in common?

Every 18 1/2 years, the North and South nodes of the moon enter their own nakshatras of Ardra and Mula. I know it may sound like I'm speaking another language to those who don't follow Vedic astrology, but if you bare with me, you will begin to be able to see a pattern in which history seems to repeat itself every time this alignment comes into play.

Rahu [the north node] is depicted as a head without a body, while Ketu [the south node] is depicted as a body without a head. Due to this, Rahu has an endless appetite, and is always consuming. It's also associated with foreign entities, such as viruses, fungi, and bacteria. 

Ardra in Vedic astrology is symbolized by a storm and tears. It's also a part of Gemini, which is the sign that rules the arms, hands, and lungs. Interestingly enough, with Rahu here in Ardra, we are experiencing a foreign entity [virus] attacking the lungs [Gemini]. Ardra is a very transformational and chaotic place to be. Just think of every time you've seen a movie where the main character becomes very emotional and it just so happens to start pouring down rain at that exact moment. That is where we are now astrologically, where we have been since the end of September last year, and where we will remain until late April. 

Though this transit can seem super difficult to get through, it is not without its benefits. Water is a cleansing and mutable element. This 'storm' that we are going through right now will pass, just as it has before. As Bruce Lee famously said, now is the time to "be like water" and learn how to overcome situations that test your adaptability. Storms symbolically cleanse the earth, though it can seem scary and intimidating while it's happening. 

With Ketu in Mula, our faith and strength are also being called into play here. Mula is symbolized by a bunch of roots tied together. It is the truth you are lead to in Sagittarius after the transformational rollercoaster of Scorpio. In times like these, we come to see what is really important in life. Who is there for us, who our family is, what we can live without and, in turn, what is actually essential to our lives here on earth. The roots coming together encourages us to get back to basics and unite as a community to overcome our challenges. 

Every time Rahu and Ketu enter these nakshatras, major global shifts occur. The kind that really shake the system up and dismantles our illusion of comfort and the norm. We are being torn down and forced to rebuild a better version of our society and ourselves as individuals. Mula is the first nakshatra in the third and final cycle, it signifies a new foundation which we live from and build our lives on.

Here are some examples of events from the past which occurred during this transit:

2001: September 11th Attacks on the World Trade Center
1983: AIDS Virus Gains Major Mainstream Media Coverage
1963: John F. Kennedy is Assassinated
1945: Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima

And now we have 2020- the time of the coronavirus.

These are images that have left a scar on our consciousness and have been imprinted into our memory and history forever. Due to the mass trauma, many people who were alive during these transits can remember exactly where they were when these events occurred. It will be the same for the coronavirus. People will remember how this changed their lives, whether they contracted the virus or not. Internet dwellers will remember all the memes about the toilet paper shortage. Kids will remember being pulled from school. Some will remember being quarantined and not be able to work or pay their bills. Whether it's on the scale of the other tragedies mentioned or not, there is no doubt the coronavirus has made its mark on the story of humanity.

What's next? Well, I encourage you all to look at history and follow the pattern. What followed the events mentioned before? Yes, there will be major shifts and changes. Yes, our way of life will be greatly impacted. Yes, we will be forced to adapt. But will we get through this? Yes! And we will be better and more united than before. Let this just be a reminder of what is actually important in life. It's an end and a beginning. The start of a new chapter.

Take care guys,
xo Rozelyn

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